Identity Theft - Prevention Tips




Prevention Tips

General Concept: Limit Access to Personal Information

Preventing Identity Theft and Fraud is nearly impossible, similar to keeping a burglar out of your home. However, these prevention tips will reduce the risk of you becoming an identity theft victim. These suggestions were compiled from a 2001 Department of Justice Whitepaper.

1. Only share pertinent information with necessary parties
(Phone calls that you initiate, transactions asking for sensitive info)
2. Exercise caution in public
(Shoulder surfers for PIN’s, ATM Debit card PIN’s)
3. Carrying unnecessary info in purses wallets
(Social Security cards, health insurance cards, old ID’s)
4. Securing the “Mailbox”
(home & office)
5. Secure Information stored electronically
(Firewall, Don’t use Freeware/File sharing)
6. Store personal information in secure location
(i.e.. Safe)
7. Shred personal documents
8. Opt-out : remove name from mailing lists
9. Don’t signup or keep non-essential credit accounts
(Retail store cards)
10. Review paper statements regularly
11. Request copies of credit reports bi-annually
12. Limit use of ATM/Debit card for purchases
(Request a non-Visa or non-MasterCard card)
13. Limit use of checks
14. Limit information printed on checks
15. Practice safe-computing
      • Limit Email Address
      • Keep up-to-date on anti-spam/anti-virus/anti-crimeware
      • Windows Update





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